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I've seen a few Dr Who episodes over the years, and I feel I need to get into it more, but I think I should start from the very beginning.

Dear journalists: Can we stop calling female college students "coeds"? It's sexist. Thanks.

Had a great reading of Fathom 5 last night. Thanks to everyone who participated.

My Extra-Terrestrial Encounter with James Brown

I saw Tate Taylor's wonderful James Brown biopic Get On Up over the weekend. Chadwick Boseman was brilliant and I highly recommend the film. It also presents as good a time as any for me to tell the story of my brief encounter with the Godfather of Soul.


I've been asked to supervise the remastering of my first film for VOD release. Assisting Venus should be available in about 6 weeks.

So happy with the way Blue is turning out. Strong, beautiful performances by Michele, Drew, Kelly, Kenny, Sean, Dale, Darby, Emma, Chris...

Happy 4th of July from Hollywood.

At the core of my new SciFi film lies a 400 year old secret, defended by an ancient society. To learn it, hack into

Farewell Nozzle Guy

I've been driving compressed natural gas vehicles for a number of years now, filling up at the various Clean Energy brand fueling stations around Southern California. Except for the one in Hollywood which is at a real gas station, these are located mostly next to airports, train stations and city maintenance yards, and are a great place to mingle with the taxi and bus driver crowd. It was there that I first encountered NOZZLE GUY, safety video star and tireless crusader for the cause of protecting self-involved motorists from themselves. With his awkward cylindrical body, nozzle head, expressionless eyes, and single arm with its stop sign hand, he is one of the greatest superheroes ever. I'll be replacing my NGV with an electric soon and this week's software upgrade on the pumps seems to no longer include his video, but I'll never forget his important message.

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