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I'm proud to announce that BLUE will premiere as the opening night film at the Orlando Film Festival on Oct 22.

Ventured today into the belly of the beast. Found a few nice people there and reminders of a place I once thought was home.

RIP James Horner. That moment in Genesis Countdown when Spock is climbing down the ladder and the trumpets come in... Such a good soundtrack

How Big is 4K?


If the third new @StarTrek movie doesn't feature Harry Mudd or Samuel T Cogley, I'm going to be very disappointed.

And regarding this issue we must ask ourselves, is its source a common error? Or is it an error in the common source? #debug

Jack Nicholson is the Anna Wintour of basketball.

Happy Valentine's Day to my one great love.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I'm so grateful for the wonderful people in my life.

Hmmm... There were a lot of cat litter commercials in that Friday night TV showing of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Meanwhile in #NYC, I watched @michele_martin hug a homeless man on the subway, and the world became a slightly friendlier place.

I look at the world with open-eyed wonder, but I also feel its cruelty and see its transience. These informed BLUE and are driving FATHOM 5.

What's past is prologue. #FF @Fathom5Film @SycoraxInc @michele_martin

I've seen a few Dr Who episodes over the years, and I feel I need to get into it more, but I think I should start from the very beginning.

Dear journalists: Can we stop calling female college students "coeds"? It's sexist. Thanks.

My Extra-Terrestrial Encounter with James Brown


So happy with the way Blue is turning out. Strong, beautiful performances by Michele, Drew, Kelly, Kenny, Sean, Dale, Darby, Emma, Chris...

At the core of my new SciFi film lies a 400 year old secret, defended by an ancient society. To learn it, hack into

Farewell Nozzle Guy


It's a dining room table covered in index cards kind of day.

I live in constant fear that Keebler will discontinue Deluxe Grahams.

I'm going to observe World Autism Awareness Day by devouring all the new information on Transport for London’s website, writing some computer code, having my assistant make some phone calls, imagining the design for a secure virtual wallet and payment system over my usual lunch, stimming, stacking, brainstorming a screenplay, watching Star Trek (“Amok Time” or “Charlie X” or some TNG with Lt. Barclay or Ens. Lefler), and working on my film about a lonely strange man who is painfully shy, feels outcast, but steps out into the world anyway with a pure, open heart and skin that is very appropriately blue.

"You must make up your mind once and for all, did you come here to serve art, and to make sacrifices for its sake, or to exploit your own personal ends." -Stanislavski

Why does it always rain on the @FilmIndependent Spirit Awards and then clear up right before the Oscars?

Radio folks hate dead air, but sometimes when the playlist runs out and we get to sit in our cars for 15 seconds of stereo silence, there is beauty.

Is it ironic or intentional that Jimmy's first Tonight Show begins at midnight since that's where Conan drew the line?

Very pleased with the way BLUE is looking and feeling. Picture is locked and post-production continues...

So very sad. Phil Hoffman was such a great actor.

Thanks to Lance and Alex, the Naked Film Guys, for voting @theBlueMovie their no. 2 @kickstarter movie of the week!

First Trailer for BLUE

Author-turned-director @EricJonrosh has been a huge influence on my own life's work. So glad to see his TV masterpiece finally released.

I'll be on WOND radio in New Jersey talking about @theBlueMovie in a few minutes.

I'm excited to release a trailer for BLUE on Monday. Follow @theBlueMovie for the very latest.

"Why when you drink do you always become Ricardo Montlanban?" -@michele_martin #BuriedAlive #GoldenGlobes

Nice. @googlemaps now has aerial photos of us filming on a farm in Marshall, NC. @theBlueMovie

.@01_jetfan_NC We're making @theBlueMovie for you and me and everyone else who has been excluded at one time or another. #IamBlue

Queuing up some classical music to edit the climax scenes tonight. @theBlueMovie #IamBlue #LovelyLudwigVan #YesInThisCaseQueuingNotCueing

Want to be the first to see my #IndieFilm BLUE? Pre-order the DVD/Download or get other great stuff here: Thanks!

Editing one of the night scenes in BLUE. 2nd AC looks so cold holding the slate. It was freezing. Hard to imagine now; LA today: 72°.

It never fails. Another film where the character named Charlie is the weak, kinda slow disappointing kid. Great film though. #ugh

My tweet last night about the "Hannah and Her Sisters" scene also applies to my opinion on A&E and Duck Dynasty. #He'dNeverStopThrowingUp

The Max Von Sydow monologue in "Hannah and Her Sisters" sums up my opinion on late night television.

Happy Christmas to all.

It's been suggested that I shave a goatee. Apparently in post-production I behave like the mirror universe me. #YourAgonizerPlease

Sitting in Malibu, watching the meteor shower. Beautiful.

Listening to some amazing authentic Appalachian music. Some of it really takes me back. Great for our soundtrack. #indiefilm @theBluemovie

Cutting together a very powerful and disturbing scene between Kenny Johnson and @michele_martin. Two fully committed actors. @theBluemovie

Back in LA after wrapping BLUE on Saturday. Thanks to an amazing cast and crew, and to the people of Marshall, NC for their hospitality.

We're shooting @theBlueMovie on the @SonyProUSA #F55. Everyone who sees the monitor comments on how great it looks.

We've got a great cast shaping up for @theBlueMovie thanks to @lessallcasting. Can't wait to share the details.

Principal photography on @theBlueMovie starts in one week. #indiefilm


The good news is, affordable healthcare is now available to all Americans. Go to to sign up.

The @StarTrek anniversary is a great time to rededicate ourselves as filmmakers to telling important stories of social justice and peace.

Just saw someone use an Oxford comma before an ampersand and thought of @dylanbrody.

In an attempt to avoid being bad, too many actors shoot for small/safe and call it natural. Real people in real life have big emotions.

Minor Wrath of Khan plot pts for use in 3rd Star Trek film: Scotty's sister (Peter Preston's mother); origin of Starfleet hair regulations.

Congrats Jane Austen for making it onto £10 note. Time to replace an ex-POTUS (or Hamilton) with a woman and/or someone from arts & science.

At a chain restaurant tonight; heard "Happy Birthday" sung 4 times. It's so important to bring music education back to our public schools.

A very important step in the right direction for the @boyscouts, but it doesn't go far enough.

Always a fan of Christopher Guest. His new show features an offensive British puppet monkey, just like my early work w/@thefamouspaul Hmm...

I love that the bear guest starring in tonight's Game of Thrones was able to negotiate a single card in the end titles.

Wait, so none of the Star Wars movies were actually released on May 4th? It's just a pun? I'll continue to celebrate September 8th, thanks.

Remember the 2nd season premiere of Twin Peaks when Coop is bleeding on the floor and no one helps? That's my life. #MilksGonnaGetColdOnYa

.@BoyScouts Not good enough. Also, your choice of timing of this announcement is as spineless as your leadership on the issue.

I feel sorry for the half of the judging panel on The Voice that actually has two names; they only get one on the billboards. #callyouragent


while(i405.hasGravelSpill() && sepulveda.isFlooded()) { try { wait(); } catch(WillToLiveException e) { park(); cry(); break; } } //#CodePoem

There's a guy in a Big Boy costume waving at traffic in front of Bob's in Toluca Lake. My guess: It's @AndyRichter

Answering @BoyScouts alumni survey re: discrimination policy. Offensive questions and "scenarios" that might happen. They just don't get it.

Today's Quiz: What is "Phantom Toe"? A) A bad AFM movie pitch. B) A new theme park attraction. C) The spectre that keeps me awake at night.

I think maybe @SpeakerBoehner was just trying to express is love for his favorite movie of the year, #Argo.

Happy New Year everyone! It's going to be a good one.

There's a lot of bullying going on tonight. Shame on those piling on her because it's cool. #lizanddick

1. Understand the words you are saying. 2. Enunciate. #acting

The good news, Mitt, is you're still in a great position to create jobs. Call a board meeting of Bain tomorrow and vote to hire people.

Congratulations @BarackObama

Lucas said from the beginning that it was a 9 part series. I never believed him when he started saying he was done at 6.

You can tell @KNX1070's Jim Thornton is from West Virginia; he pronounces Appalachia correctly.

Being driven through Westminster with Skyfall on the radio. Goodbye, London, see you again soon.

.@THR says we need strong new leaders at the studios. Time to step up and have more guts in the boardroom than on the screen.

Mr. Dimon, thanks for admitting your "stupid mistake." Now please explain why you think small businesses are more risky than "The Whale."

There are moments I realize I'm walking around Beverly Hills talking to myself. Film producer? Crazy person? Both?

"@HuffingtonPost: Teen denied Eagle Scout award because of his sexuality" This is just wrong. BSA should be ashamed.

Saw a trailer for another "Family moves into a new house, finds out about its evil history, horror ensues" movie. #genre #film #recycling

So @twitter says "Similar to @britishlibrary: @Walmart" Umm... no.

Of course they want to cancel Sesame Street. It teaches kids how to count and not be a total jackhat to other people.

End of Summer Update


We lost a truly brilliant, inspiring, and original director today in Tony Scott. I'm heartbroken.

This explains CIA hiring ads on @kroq: @HuffPostUKTech: AC/DC Reportedly 'Weaponised' In Most Awesome Cyber Attack Ever

As an Eagle Scout, I'm deeply disappointed in @boyscouts decision to follow the path of intolerance instead of having the courage to lead.

Best. Monologue. Ever. #newsroom

Nearly everyone I know who uses @Yahoo mail has had their account compromised in the last week. Too many to be a coincidence. System hacked?

Watching TV today, you learn 3 facts abt the 50s & 60s: Fashion was great, men were sexist (already knew that) and things were really boring

Just saw Julian Sands' excellent stage presentation of Harold Pinter's poetry in celebration of the author's life. Bravo.

Happy New Year everyone. I wish you all a happy and prosperous 2012.

Modernizing the Iconic Role of Torvald Helmer


A Doll's House, My Next Film


Selling your screenplay? Tell them you want to be a #unionmember. There's a contract for any budget and @wgawest staff are happy to help.

Collective bargaining works: better pay, health and retirement benefits, and in my line of work, even creative rights! #unionmember

Trouble Memorizing? Maybe You're Just Not Feeling It


Trailer for Dadgum, Texas


I knew something was up; Paul won't workkk before noon. They got the water aversion right though. RT @thefamouspaul I have been twitnapped.

Eating pizza in a tux at 2AM. The new Woody Allen movie is great.

The King's Speech shouldn't have been rated R in the first place.

Congrats to Michele Martin for winning the producer award at the LA Femme Festival for @AssistingVenus

Screening @AssistingVenus Oct 14th 4pm at LA Femme Film Festival.

Dadgum It! Comedy Feature in Post


Just called picture wrap on @DadgumTexas

My comedy screenplay #Unrepped is finished. A hilarious look at Hollywood, it features "the wrongest scene in the history of cinema."?

RT @ConanOBrien Today I interviewed a squirrel in my backyard and then threw to commercial. Somebody help me.

Back from Berlin, had some great meetings. Thanks to everyone who used my apps and watched online. More soon on when & where you can see AV.

Phone App to Screen "Assisting Venus" in Berlin


LAFCA: [Mulholland Dr]...triumph of art and personal vision in an industry that...often seems actively devoted to the suppression of both.

So much for fourth meal; Burbank Taco Bell closes too early.

Mark your film award nomination ballots carefully; contenders this year include 9, District 9 and Nine.

An actor read for @AssistingVenus with the sides on his iPhone instead of printed out. It was awkward, but I applauded his #green audition.

Brothers is a great film. Sam Shepard is always brilliant. Actors take note, that's how you cry like a man.

Is Too Big to Fail?


Is LinkedIn useful at all? I posted a message there a while back looking to hire someone and it was flagged as inappropriate. Really? #in

Disappointed @Safeway doesn't let you donate @eScrip to schools nationwide. The primary school I attended needs it more than my local one.

Landing Party: The Beginning of Star Trek: The Experience


Oh, the Humanity! On Balloon Boy, and What It Takes to Make It


I miss @Skyline_Chili. Happy 60th anniversary to them.

90210 and Crank 2: News About the Cast of Assisting Venus


"Women Rule" is a trending topic. That's good, it's the thesis of my film "Assisting Venus."

We need Twitter so we can know when Facebook is down.

Festival Trailer for Assisting Venus


Note to wannabe gaffers: TVs are not chairs; please do not sit on them.

Is It Legal To Film Money? The Definitive Answer


Appearance on It's Getting Late with Markus Kublin


Phileppe: Monkey-Sitter


Phileppe: Hard at Work


Uncle Charlie's Storytime: The Ugly Duckling


On Insulting Pitch People and Questions of Serious Intent


Some Classic Quotes


How Do You Prepare a Crew for a Grueling Shoot? Boot Camp


Your First Look at "Assisting Venus"


The feature film I co-wrote and directed is in post-production and is looking good. It stars Michael Steger of 90210 and Michele Martín with Jordan Bridges and Julian Sands. More info, photos and video to come.

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